Org Audit

It can be difficult to get an accurate picture of how an organization truly functions. It gets doubly hard when an accurate picture is needed to set a change project in motion quickly.

HR uses multiple systems to manage employees, but not one of them alone can show exactly who does what and reports to who.

The fastest way to do an org audit is to go directly to the source: the managers and employees who know the most. It’s amazing what insights can be gained when individual perceptions are aggregated, verified, and condensed into a simple to understand chart.

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Key Steps: Organization Audit

  • 1. Limit the scope of the org audit

    Decide what part of the organization to look at. For example, full-time employees in a sales role located in Europe.

  • 2. Gather available data from HR Systems

    Run reports from your HR Systems to serve as a baseline snapshot of your organization. Find out what you do and don’t know.

  • 3. Validate and expand the HR System data by engaging employees

    Seek out many perspectives on roles and reporting lines to triangulate the truth. Ask questions with simple answers that can be aggregated to provide complex insights.

  • 4. Document the outcomes

    Select employees for roles in a transparent and engaging way in order to lower the risk of increased attrition rates.