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It’s simple: OrgWeaver is the future of org change

Perfect for handling a reorganization, merger integration, or resizing with confidence.

Cloud solution

OrgWeaver lives in the cloud. No need to ask IT to support another solution.

Best practices

OrgWeaver sets the standard for org change software best practices.

Full support

World-class consultants that know OrgWeaver inside out are ready to support your process.


Always work on the latest version of your org and share only with approved colleagues.

Your spreadsheets are holding you back .

You wouldn’t trust your critical HR, IT, or finance processes to be handled with just spreadsheets, so why do so for a change process?

Minimize risk

OrgWeaver was made specifically to overcome security, privacy, and compliance risks.

Control Time & Costs

Why spend a year on a reorg when OrgWeaver gives you the platform to accomplish more in half the time?

Improve Quality

Match company needs with employee preferences in order to perform the highest quality org change.

In the time it takes to set up a basic excel template, get secure access to a collaborative solution.

Everything you need to manage an org change process

OrgWeaver is a full suite of tools that has been tested and proven.

Design an organization
Map roles and competencies
Match people to roles
Manage the process

What others say about us

Respected global companies choose OrgWeaver

“OrgWeaver was simple, we could implement it very fast, and we could be centrally in control of progress all of the time. That was important for the board of directors, the executive committee, and the leadership.”

Cecilie B. HeuchCHRO, DNV GL

“We are very satisfied with the cooperation in this project. It would not have been the same without [BrightArch’s] professional support and advice. The process and the deliverables have been top quality.“

Gry SlemmenHR Director, COWI Norway

“What makes [OrgWeaver] cool is the combination of a strong and centralized planning tool with the social element of employee participation in the process.”

Cool Vendors ReportResearch

“OrgWeaver gave us a platform to track a very complex integration, with multiple stakeholders, serving hiring managers from a global perspective. It allowed us to track all of the decisions that were made and to do so in a transparent process.”

Ethan GiebGlobal Recruitment Manager, DNV GL

DNV GL provides classification and technical assurance along with software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries. It also provides certification services to customers across a wide range of industries. DNV GL has not certified or verified the products on this site. The comments are solely the opinions of the individuals who are quoted.

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