Reorganization Case Study: Focus on what really matters with OrgWeaver

A clear example of what to avoid during a reorganization.

A clear example of what to avoid during a reorganization.

At the end of a recent reorganization process, an HR Director with years of experience said, “OrgWeaver allowed me to focus on what really mattered during our reorganization.”

What really matters? Taking care of the people involved in a fair way.

What typically distracts HR teams from what really matters? Spending endless frustrating hours on spreadsheets and post-it notes.

This particular case study was for an organization with approximately 100 people. They first used OrgWeaver to find out that their current org structure was like a tangled rope that no one could straighten out. Once they saw how they could improve the organization structure, they used OrgWeaver to implement a new org, communicate the details to employees, gather feedback from employees about their preferences, and make final staffing decisions in a fair and transparent manner.

Anytime that an HR Director has success with OrgWeaver, we appreciate the chance to share their stories with the HR community. Here are some more quotes and key points about the value of OrgWeaver from this case study:

“My executive team was happy to have a system that remembered complex decisions so we didn’t have to keep the puzzle in our heads.”

  • OrgWeaver keeps track of what roles are needed, who is being considered for each, and what happens to each person who doesn’t get a particular role.

“Employees didn’t need any training in order to be truly involved in the process through a simple website.”

  • OrgWeaver is easy for people to pick up and use, which allows them to focus on collaborating in a transparent process.

“I was able to deliver on time without the stress and wasted hours of keeping track of spreadsheets and post-it notes.”

  • OrgWeaver greatly speeds up the process of making optimal reorganization decisions.

“Throughout the process, any challenge I had was solved directly and quickly by the support team behind OrgWeaver.”

  • OrgWeaver is a true solution backed by leading experts, not just another software that sits on the shelf. Deploy it quickly, and only use it when it can add true value.

What really matters to you during a reorganization? Is it taking care of people in a fair way, meeting deadlines, keeping track of the staffing puzzle, and/or collaborating with colleagues? If you want to discuss what really matters to you, reach out to Nick to have a meaningful discussion about reorganization processes.

HR Teams: Take Your Place as Workplace Heroes

I recently had an enlightening conversation with William Tincup, a uniquely powerful voice within the HR community.

To paraphrase one of his points; HR Tech can enable HR professionals to be workplace heroes. Not just firefighters running from crisis to crisis.

This really struck a chord with me.

TWorkplace Heroeshe HR professionals we’ve worked with are heroes, not just firefighters. They see themselves at the center of the most important strategic, financial, and technological changes that their companies face. Instead of deferring to strategy consultants, finance teams, and IT leaders, they are taking their place at the table. When Executive Committees ask “Are we on track with our strategy?” or “Will we complete this critical project on time?”, HR Teams who embrace the power of the latest software innovations are the ones who have the most complete answers at their fingertips. That’s what makes them workplace heroes; being the ones that people turn to for the most critical questions.

Here are some examples of what we’ve seen from innovative HR teams:

  • Instead of letting strategy get stuck in report binders and post-it notes on a wall, HR teams are leveraging simple software to have a two-way exchange with employees about how the strategy personally effects their careers and ambitions.
  • Instead of allowing finance to take control of projects that involve FTE costs, HR teams are adding value by gathering and managing the most up-to-date information about what employees really do, who they work with, and how employees can be better organized to save costs and increase productivity.
  • Instead of being frustrated with IT decisions made years ago that don’t fit today’s needs, HR teams are harnessing the power of targeted HR software packages that can be bought as a solution with a clear immediate return on investment.

We’re proud to know these workplace heroes in HR. We’re dedicated to providing them with the tools they need to make an impact in days, not months or years.

Thanks, William Tincup, for the inspiration.