Preview: Collaborate on a new org with OrgWeaver

OrgWeaver in Mac screen tight
“Easily collaborate on a new organization structure!” That is what our customers said they want from OrgWeaver. We’ve listened, and today have some exciting news to share.

OrgWeaver has been used to deliver some of the most demanding and complex reorganizations, downsizing projects, and merger integrations. So we took what we learned from those projects and made something that solves the most frustrating first steps that all HR teams know well:

      • View an organization as a spreadsheet and an org chart
      • Collaborate on multiple versions of the organization
      • Create a beautiful PowerPoint to get approval from decision makers

Today, we’re launching a preview of OrgWeaver that does exactly these things that HR teams need. But only faster, more simply, and better.

We’ve heard the horror stories from our customers. The long days that they spend trying to get Excel info into an accurate org chart in PowerPoint. And then just when they think it is finished, they get another request for edits that starts the whole process over again.

There is a lot that OrgWeaver can do to save time and costs, but we’d like to highlight one key task that we think is especially cool to speed up.

Imagine if you could convert an Excel spreadsheet with dozens of rows about people and positions into a beautiful PowerPoint in just 2 minutes. Well, that is exactly what you can do now with OrgWeaver.

We’ve tested it in our labs, but now we’re ready to test it in the real world. Sign up. Import your data. Make org charts. If you run into any trouble, please let us know and we’ll work to fix things. If you have a great experience, let us know that as well. When we announce the official pricing, we hope you’ll choose to become a happy customer.

Beautiful org chart. Easy import. Quick export to PowerPoint.