President Donald Trump’s Administration in an Org chart

Here at OrgWeaver, we’re keeping track of President Trump’s org chart. By clicking below, you’ll find an interactive online org chart of the key positions surrounding President Trump. Included are bios and position descriptions for cabinet members taken from Wikipedia. [Last updated November 14, 2017]

Click to view interactive version of Trump’s org chart

president trump org chart



New OrgWeaver Features = More Time Savings

Want to dive right in to the good stuff? Here’s the new Alphabet / Google org structure created in OrgWeaver

New features. More value.Expanded OrgWeaver org chart
We’re always listening to the needs of the OrgWeaver community and improving the software. Today, we’re announcing some new features that we think you’ll really like.

Publish and share org charts online
Show your org chart to anyone with one simple link.

Smart expand & collapse
One click to expand as many org chart levels as you want.

Save favorite views of your data
Choose exactly what data you want to see in your org structure.

Seeing is believing
Show your customers & colleagues how your structure works.

Example: The new Alphabet / Google org structure

  • Anyone with the link can view it
  • Anyone can expand and collapse the boxes
  • Only the data that was chosen to be published is visible