3 Essential Ways to Get the Most From Your Organization Chart

Organization charts are essential for many businesses. Next time you’re thinking of upgrading to a modern org chart software, remember these essential things:

1. Search your org chart quickly

Can you imagine trying to read an organization chart that includes hundreds or thousands of employees? It’s an impossible task. That’s why being able to quickly search all of the data in your org chart is such an essential time-saver.

  • Search for anyone who holds the position “Director” (even if you spell it wrong)
  • Search for people named “John”
  • Search for the “Finance” unit


2. Keep your official style and colors consistent in published org charts

Org charts are a great way to communicate with your team, vendors, shareholders, and others. Just like the effort you put into making beautiful marketing material, effort is required to make sure your org charts consistently communicate your brand.

Org charts typically get published as PowerPoint or PDF files. Make sure you can control these key things when you publish:

  • Size, shape, color, shadow, and outline of every org chart box
  • Header, footer, and background styles
  • Fonts, text size, and employee photo placement


3. Automatically update your org chart

After you get everything correct in your organization chart, it’s best not to have to start from scratch each time changes need to be made. Modern org charts should be easy enough to update quickly and often.

Org chart software that can do these things can save you a lot of time.

  • Update org chart data based on an Excel spreadsheet
  • Drag-and-drop org chart boxes for quick changes in meetings
  • Export org chart data so it can be used in other systems

OrgWeaver has you covered

A new version of OrgWeaver was released today that covers these 3 essential ways to get the most out of your org chart. Want to test if OrgWeaver can help you save time and money? It’s easy and free to sign up for an OrgWeaver account.