Gartner’s IT Market Clock for Human Capital Software Highlights OrgWeaver as A Workforce Planning & Modeling tool

Gartner regularly puts together research around the idea of an “IT Market Clock”. The point is to provide a full life cycle view of technology assets.

IT Market Clock.png


Some software markets are like babies, while others are basically geriatric. This is very helpful information to buyers of software. It’s important to know how many good years your IT investments will have. No one wants to make a big investment in a type of software that is about to be replaced by something better.

One of the categories that Gartner tracks in the IT Market Clock for Human Capital Software is the Workforce Planning and Modeling market.

The Workforce Planning market is currently around 3 on the clock. That means that it’s in the “Dawn of Standards” section where buyer choice is about to explode. This part of the life cycle is where demand and growth are high, more choices become available, and prices drop rapidly.

This is interesting for OrgWeaver users for a few reasons:

  • OrgWeaver is in a market with a long life ahead of it
  • Researchers are interested in the future of OrgWeaver
  • Workforce Planning & Modeling is important and growing

Our goal with OrgWeaver is to be a clear innovator in the Workforce Planning and Modeling market. We can do that be providing easy-to-understand organization scenarios at a fair price.

If you’re ready to move beyond the research and start experiencing a great Workforce Planning and Modeling tool, sign up for your free OrgWeaver account.