Improve Sales Efficiency: Org Charts For Sales Reps

Is “Sales Efficiency” critical to your 2017 growth plans?

If not, it should be. There is a long list of tasks to do before a deal is signed and an account executive receives a commission. Any of those tasks that are more “administrative” than “customer facing” are robbing your team of growth.

One of those administrative tasks is making an org chart of a prospect’s decision makers. We’re not sales gurus, but Dave Stein is. So we trust him when he says, “An org chart is invaluable in a complex sale.”

Open full org chart example in a new window

Do you already make org charts of prospects? Then gather some metrics on how long it takes you to make an org chart. Get out your favorite org chart tool (probably PowerPoint, let’s be honest) and do this experiment:

  • Start a timer
  • Draw boxes that accurately capture a prospect’s organization structure.
  • Stop the timer
  • Write down the result

Are there any customer facing tasks you would have prefered to accomplish in the same amount of time? Ok, don’t answer that. We think we made our point.

Now that you know it’s worth it to find a better way to create, update, and share org charts for sales processes, what will you do?

Here’s what one account executive did: He searched online, found OrgWeaver, and reached out to us to explain his use case. Turns out, OrgWeaver works great for what he needs:

“OrgWeaver helps me sell more efficiently. I can map out my 20 accounts quickly. I recommend it to anyone who wants to spend less time making accurate org charts.” – Alex, G., Enterprise Account Rep, Software industry
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